Twizzling Whimsies is a blog that I started in 2009  in order to push myself to write on a more regular basis (although one could question how effective this has been, judging by some pretty significant gaps between some of my posts…). But, the good intention is there! I want to write regularly!

When I do find some time to write, the blog includes postings on a wide variety of random subjects – books I’m currently reading, new recipes I’ve been trying, projects I’m currently working on or thinking about starting, and life in and around my current hometown of Tucson, AZ.

You might wonder why this blog is called “Twizzling Whimsies”. Have you heard of the Twizzle? It’s an obscure dance that was once featured on The Dick Van Dyke Show (look it up – it’s weird and fun). Let’s just say I took a liking to the Twizzle. In addition to the Twizzle, I also love all things whimsical and strange. I don’t really consider myself to be particularly whimsical, but every now and then I can be crazy, so maybe that’s close enough.

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