Gymnocalycium pflanzii v. albipulpa, and a giant pancake

‘ve added some great new plants to my collection the last few weekends, and I’ve been meaning to do some general repotting as well (some plants have started to outgrow their current homes). It s fabulous cactus (and I miraculously haven’t killed it yet) and it flowers consistently – last year and this year I’ve gotten 4-7 flowers.

Melocactus Conoideus

My Melocactus Conoideus is a recent addition to my collection. This is an incredibly rare variety of melocactus (also known as Turk’s Cap Cactus) – in fact, it is nearly extinct in the wild. We’re lucky here in Tucson – apparently there is a local cactus aficionado who cultivates them from seed and painstakingly cares for the plants for YEARS until they reach this maturity – and then sells them to a few select nurseries around town.

Aloe Mitriformis Variegata

About 2 years ago, while I was wandering around the cactus and succulent section at Mesquite Valley Growers in Tucson AZ, I saw an older man putting a plant on display. It was the only one of its kind and it was overgrown in its container with offshoots (baby plants that grow from the base of the main plant). I looked at it for a few minutes and realized I’d never seen an aloe that looked like it before. Thus, my obsession with weird plants began.