I have recently become a KitchenAid convert. I still love Cuisinart, but I’ve most recently been on a KitchenAid kick.  It began about 8 months ago when I started to get really (seriously) interested in cooking. I started to pick up baking bread again (something I used to do as a child with my grandfather), and quickly began to covet the beautiful KitchenAid stand mixers that would make the mixing and kneading process so much easier. I knew I wanted an Empire Red one… a beautiful, shiny red one. As luck would have it, my wish came true in early May when I returned home from a business trip to find a box sitting on my kitchen table. Yes… while I was gone, Kirk (the best boyfriend ever) had bought me one and decided to surprise me with it when I returned home. Yay!

Empire Red KichenAid Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
Empire Red KichenAid Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Since the stand mixer joined our household, I have slowly started improving my collection of utensils (upgrading to higher quality items, buying items I have never previously owned, etc…).  For example, last weekend I bought a KitchenAid mini (3 cup) food processor (in the matching Empire Red color) and two new KitchenAid Santoku chopping knives (a 4.5 inch one and a 7 inch one). The food processor is a little small, but thus far it makes a good batch of hummus. The knives are fabulous and incredibly sharp – chopping food has never been so easy! Kirk likes to use the bigger knife, and I like to use the smaller one (I tend to use it as a I would a paring knife, but since it’s bigger I can do more with it!).

food processor

Anyway… I just felt like rambling a bit about how much I love my new appliances and gadgets. I hope I can soon buy some of the nifty attachments for my mixer (like the ravioli attachment, or the sausage maker, or the juicer…). I wish I didn’t love things that are so expensive.

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