Kitty Emergency: Conclusion

Well… I have good news to report! The kitties were able to come home with Kirk and I last night 🙂 We called the vet’s office around 3:45 and all signs pointed to the cats being ok to come home. We are going to have to follow-up with our regular vet (now is as good a time as any to establish one, I suppose), but otherwise our little munch-kins are safe at home. They were pretty exhausted last night, and the Sneeze slept between Kirk and I nearly all night, and Thelma visited with us a couple of times too. As I write this, Thelma is curled up on the couch, sleeping on her “perch”, and Sneezer has curled herself up on the bed, wrapped in the red blanked she’s laying on in my previous post. They’re definitely exhausted from their big ordeal of the weekend, but I think that everyone’s going to live to see another day. Yay!

Sneezer likes to cuddle in clean socks:

Sneezer in Socks

Thelma is just super-cute:


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