We got Married…


… And we went on our honeymoon, and had Thanksgiving with the new in-laws. It’s been a busy last two months. The wedding was amazing and everything went as smoothly as it could have. We had all of our closest friends and family, and it truly was a party. I am so grateful that I was able to have such a wonderful wedding day. My dad gave a very touching speech, and my close friend Rebecca shocked all those who know her and gave a speech as well (also touching, in a more amusing way).

Kirk and me cutting the cake.
Cutting the Cake

October 16 came and went so quickly, it was hard to believe that a year and half of planning culminated in that one night that seemed to fly by. The Monday following the wedding Kirk and I flew to the Dominican Republic for our 10-day Honeymoon in paradise (….rustic paradise). We stayed in the small town of Las Terrenas on the north side of the island on the Samana Peninsula. Though we faced some terrifying driving conditions, an unfortunate incident involving a government vehicle and a face-plant in a waterway/ditch, and an interaction that was too close for comfort with a cock roach, we still had a fabulous time exploring and having adventures.

El Limon Waterfall
El Limon Waterfall
Playa Rincon
Playa Rincon
Driving over the Mountain
Driving over the scary mountain (with amazing views)

I have never seen so much natural beauty in one place EVER. There was an insane amount of fresh fruit, and the restaurants on the beach were amazing. BTW as a side note – in the first photo (of Kirk and I at the waterfall) – we ended up swimming in the natural pool of water at the base of the falls. I miss being in the DR. Part of me would just love to go back to learn some local food preparation/cooking techniques. For now, though, I’m just keeping my eye out for a good Caribbean cookbook (any suggestions?).

We’ve been back now for about a month now, and getting back into the grind was definitely a little stressful. Now I just need to get on top of my Christmas shopping, mail out some packages, and get over my (new) obsession with vintage cookbooks and old recipes… more on that later.

For now, toodle-loo.

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